Welcome to Malcolm Angel's Website

Born a Londoner, Malcolm moved to Dorset and spent his formative years literally a stones throw from Poole Harbour. It was a good start for a man who is a natural artist, and a lover of nature in its wilder forms. The vast and beautiful harbour, the inland coast of which stretches for a hundred  miles around, became his watery playground. And his youth was spent - all seasons and all weather conditions - he prefers the rip tide to the smooth - exploring the distant islands and the Dorset coastline in his rugged Inuit kayak.
But, don't mistake this love of the wilderness for introversion, it provided his education in self reliance, whilst instilling a belief in the need to see life's broader picture. 
Malcolm has worked with people and communities all of his working days - his powers of communication, and dedication, making him Dorset's youngest mayor at the age of 39.
He is a communicator and a keen observer of life, who uses his checquered life experiences, his artists imagination and eye for detail, in the creation of his written work.